From bridal makeup applications, airbrushing, and hair styling to theatrical makeup and tanning services, we make certain you look Absolutely Captivating!

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  • + BRIDES

    • Congratulations! At this point, you are probably now blissfully engaged and planning for the big day! We love meeting with you as early as possible after your engagement to start planning your special look for your wedding day.

      We offer makeup, hair and tanning services that will fit your budget! We can even suggest what color “white” you should choose for your gown. At your makeup “trial run” we’ll discuss the details of your wedding. Will it be inside or outside? What colors have you chosen for your flowers, for your attendants to wear, and for the decorations?

      Also, please bring pictures of faces you love and those you don’t so we can get a visual idea of what you like. Invite memebers of your bridal party and/or your mother to come with you. Someone who knows you well and can give you a great second opinion.

  • + MAKEUP

    • We will do a skin consultation before your trial makeover. Also, let us know of any skin concerns you have so we can help you overcome issues like acne, Rosacea or scarring before the big day. Most of this can be covered up, but nothing is more beautiful than healthy, glowing skin on your wedding day and beyond.

      Plan to spend at least 2–3 hours with us at your trial. We will clean your skin thoroughly, and apply airbrushed or traditional concealer, foundation, blusher and eye makeup. You will choose a lip color and mascara that you’ll get to keep on your wedding day. Your makeup will look flawless, and last up to 16 hours!


    • Let us airbrush you a golden glow! This patented Airtan, Dinair, begins with a light bronzer and then within 5 hours becomes a rich dark tan with no streaks or imperfections. It is safe for all skin types and uses a natural fruit extract that is streak and odor free. Plus it lasts 7 – 10 days!

  • + ON STAGE

    • Lights, Camera, MAKEUP! Theatrical or special effects makeup is so fun to create! Terry loves helping you create your unique character, for a theatrical performances, church productions or a costume party! Terry Miller has 12 years experience applying theatrical and special effects makeup. She has developed her own techniques for large professional and church productions, or any “dress up” occasion. (You will need to furnish facial hair, wigs, prosthetics, etc. Charge is determined by time involved.)

      PLUS, if you need someone who can organize a large stage production, oversee makeup application for casts of 80 or more, instruct makeup crews and have everybody ready on time, Terry is your girl!


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